We’re in the business education business. Prepare for leadership in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

We are all about coaching & training business owners and next generation leaders.

We develop the ‘Inner Leader’ and show how to make more money, build great teams, remove the chaos and stress from your working life – and secure top jobs which can double your salary.

Looking for business education in the UK? Drive profits by coaching for business growth

Every great team needs a coach.

A great coach transmits knowledge, skill and experience. Not by formal lessons but by astute questions and careful direction. The coach is on your side. You are the player. The coach is a critical friend to guide your way through.

You will learn about tactical marketing plans, cash-gap plans, strategy plans, building the right team behind you – and so much more. The ‘curriculum’ is entirely led by you and your business needs. And as the business grows, you will learn to maximise the impact of data, preferably benchmarked against the best in the world.

Every future leader needs growth in ‘BEING’

In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, next generation leaders need inner strength, clarity of perception, the ability to control their moods and to inspire their teams. They need to be totally authentic.
We call this VERTICAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – which means, growing your BEING – not just your knowledge.

Our 8-part On-Line ‘GROW YOUR INNER-LEADER’ course – offered outside the business day – is for aspiring leaders who want to get to the top and earn far more. We train next generation leaders – in both groups and one-to-one – in how to develop greater powers of Awareness, achieve Personal Mastery and use the six primary leadership styles to take their leadership from good to GREAT.

One in two candidates successfully completing the course increase their salaries by at least 25% within six months; one in four double their salaries within 12 months. Every participant is GUARANTEED to have course fees covered by increases in salary or profits.

From Good to Great

Leadership today can’t just be ‘good’ – to succeed it has to be ‘great’. Ideally, it is centred on a strong sense of Purpose. Clarity of Vision. And humility – not Ego! Core to our training of next generation leaders are the techniques and practices to develop what we call ‘The Inner Leader’ – the character of leadership. It’s about WHO YOU ARE – not just what you know. You grow from the inside.

But you also need the practical knowledge of leadership. We call this ‘Horizontal’ Leadership Development.
We coach our business owner clients in the practical application of 21 well established interventions – ‘Silver Bullets’ – to take their businesses from the ‘chaos’ of change through to control, prosperity and financial and time management freedom.

Our ‘curriculum’ is based around which interventions are needed to make maximum impact on profit growth – quickly. Our ‘curriculum’ is based around which interventions you need to learn about and implement to make maximum impact on profit growth quickly.

Diagnosis and data analysis leads to strategically aligned action plans.

As companies grow, taking decisions with the support of data becomes crucial.
This is why we have partnered with DENISON CONSULTING

DENISON CONSULTING is a world leader in diagnosing levels of leadership & team performance, along with the impact of corporate culture on the success of any company.

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A Practical Education in Making Profits

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