Company Culture is what an organisation does…when nobody else is looking.

Evolving Company Culture

It is their shared mindset. Their attitudes to each other. To customers. To all of the stakeholders. From the top of the company to the bottom.

Evolving Culture

When leaders and managers work with each other, above all listen to each other in a creative, open and collaborative environment, a special atmosphere is created. That atmosphere is full of potential. That atmosphere is generated by using such tools as the Creative Conversation Circles and dialogue to mediate disputes before they arise. In companies with a creative and collaborative culture, the whole workforce understands and has clarity of:

  • The company mission and direction of travel
  • How the organisation can stay competitive, adapt to changes in the marketplace and the role each person has to play in it
  • How people at every level can get involved and stay committed to the company purpose
  • The values guiding every action and transaction, and the need for them to be lived every day.

Denison Organisational Culture Surveys

ASIS Business Coach is an authorised partner of Denison Consulting, the US and European specialists in culture surveys.

The Denison model provides a clear picture on what an organisation needs to do to achieve higher performance and improved profitability. Results from the survey are benchmarked against 1000+ other organisations worldwide, measuring four key drivers which impact every company’s profitability and sustainability:

  1. Company Mission, including values, goals & objectives, strategic intent & direction;
  2. Consistency, in application of values, agreement of teams, levels of co-ordination and integration;
  3. Involvement, including empowerment, team orientation and capability development;
  4. Adaptability, measuring ability to deal with change, levels of customer focus and organisational learning.
Through the cumulative responses from the survey, leaders and managers gain insight on questions like:

1. Does the team understand the company mission and where you are headed?

2. Do they believe the company can stay competitive and adapt to fast changing market conditions?

3.Are all the people involved and do they feel they have the right training they need to do their jobs better?

4. Are the company values clear and being lived through consistent processes?

These difficult issues are illuminated and resolved through Creative Conversation Circles.


The surveys provide invaluable data enabling decisions around:

Development of Strategy and related Action Plans
Which elements of a company require management time & attention
Where internal resources need to be allocated to allow the people to be the best they can be.
Where purposeful change is needed in the running of the organisation.

Denison Organisational Culture Survey

Four business critical Traits are surveyed covering company Mission (Do we know where we are going?), Employee Involvement (Are our people aligned & engaged?) , Consistency of operations ( Do we have the values, systems and processes in place to create leverage?) and Adaptability to Change ( Are we responding to the market place or new internal set up?)

A 48-question survey asks specific questions around each Trait, the answers to which generate a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses within each Trait area.

The results highlight any tensions between Trait areas as well as between internal and external focus; between stability and flexibility.

A successful company will have a balance between the Traits, even if all of the Traits require additional work. Leaders are encouraged to be ‘curious’ about what the results show.

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Having honest conversations about company culture

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