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Our Surveys

1. Denison Organisational Culture Survey

Four business critical Traits are surveyed covering company Mission (Do we know where we are going?), Employee Involvement (Are our people aligned & engaged?) , Consistency of operations ( Do we have the values, systems and processes in place to create leverage?) and Adaptability to Change ( Are we responding to the market place or new internal set up?)

A 48-question survey asks specific questions around each Trait, the answers to which generate a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses within each Trait area.

The results highlight any tensions between Trait areas as well as between internal and external focus; between stability and flexibility.

A successful company will have a balance between the Traits, even if all of the Traits require additional work. Leaders are encouraged to be ‘curious’ about what the results show.

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2. Reading the Results

The results are all measured in Percentiles in relation to Denison’s Global database. This benchmark data is updated every 2 years and consists of 1056 organisations, covering 748,000 respondents. Over 25 years, the data has shown that high performing organisations, no matter what sector or in which country they are operating, have similar cultural strengths.

3. Acting on the Results

The data generates a series of Honest Conversations. We recommend using the “Creative Circles Conversation Approach”, engaging management and employee teams across the business. From this, effective strategy into action plans can emerge and be widely communicated across the company.

4. The 360 Leadership Survey

The Denison 360 measures a leader’s performance across 12 leadership behaviours with each score benchmarked against leaders in world-class organisations.

5. The Global Benchmark

Uses percentiles as main measure for comparative purposes, providing more reliable comparisons than simple % in favour/ agree etc. Allows executives to ‘dig deep’ into the meaning of the data.

6. Linking Culture to Growth

7. Academic Support

Click here to find a range of academic research articles validating the Organisational Culture Survey.

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