Total People Maintenance (Total Productive Maintenance)
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Total People Maintenance

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An holistic approach

Total People Maintenance is an holistic approach to building world class teams. At its heart, it involves building a CULTURE of continuous improvement in leadership and team performance.

The Genesis

In the period 1950-1970, Seiichi Nakajima introduced to Japanese industry a culture of continuous care and improvement of machines, called Total Productive Maintenance. The aim was to involve all players – from business owners to shopfloor operatives – in generating a culture delivering ZERO unplanned machine failures, ZERO product defects and ZERO accidents. Toyota, 3M, Proctor & Gamble, General Motors and Ford were early adopters.

In the late 1990s, David Boddy (Principal Partner, ASIS Business Coach) introduced a programme into the Home Care Division of Unilever to mirror the 8 TPM pillars – but this time focussed on people. He called it ‘TOTAL PEOPLE MAINTENANCE.

The SMART Internal Deliverables

• Productivity and Profitability improvements
• Higher retention of top performers
• Fewer absences – especially stress related
• Better morale – higher satisfaction ratings
• Effective career progression
• Recruitment savings
• Improved Mental Health & Well Being
• A ‘One-Company’ Culture continuously driving towards improvement

The SMART External Deliverables

• Higher levels of customer satisfaction
• More repeat business
• More lead referrals
• Fewer customer complaints
• A ‘more attractive’ company to do business with
• Happier suppliers with more improved reliability
• A greater reputation as an employer to work for and a service/product provider to buy from.

Hiring a coach is an investment. In you and your team.

A Practical Education in Making Profits

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