Give a man a fish….guess the rest

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We’ve nearly all heard of the parable about giving a man a fish and he will eat for a day….but teach a man to fish and he will…..

Sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

How many days of the month do you wish you could do that? Or play another round of golf? Or just chill without the stress or worry.

I love that quote because I’m the kind of business coach who wants you to learn fast so that your leisure time expands, your stress decreases and your satisfaction level tops out.

And by the way, that means you put in place a great team, you tackle your cash flow issues and you sort out the most stunning USP so that your customers would never think of going anywhere else.

What many other coaches or consultants do is provide solutions. My approach – a bit like Socrates really (remember him?) – is to work with you so that YOU figure it out.

And once you’ve done that, I’m out of there. No one takes the teacher home with them. That would be weird.

Over the years I’ve recognised that the best approach to learning about business is not to go to the place where they give you a fancy certificate…..but to turn to a guide who helps you dig out the knowledge from your own experience. My mentor Socrates – oh no, him again – had the knack of asking the kind of questions which unlocked within yourself the answers.

That’s why when someone asks me what I do I tell them: “ I’m an expert in helping someone figure it out.” Whatever the ‘it’ is. And that means, helping people to tap into their powers of reasoning, critical thinking, evaluation and decision making.

My goal is to help equip you with the insights that empower you to discover the answers that make sense for YOUR business.

And by the way. I do get paid for ‘doing nothing’, pretty well actually. But I always give a Guarantee that it will work – or there are no fees.

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