Time to get your life back….or at least under control

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When are you going to turn things on their head and get your life back?

You might think you are running your business, but chances are the business is running you. Now don’t skip off to something else. Give yourself another 30 seconds. One of my coaching clients (a brilliant guy) was regularly 15 minutes late for our weekly session. He was always so polite and apologetic….and it was not going to happen next week. But, of course it did. Until I said to him:

“William, how does your partner put up with you always being late for dinner, late for the theatre, late for the kids’ football matches?”

“How do you know I’m like that at home? I’m only stressed here at work,” he retorted.

There’ a golden rule – and I’ve seen it so many times.

The way you do one important thing will be the way you do everything.

So I said to him: “ If you were going to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace, would you be late for that?” ( I didn’t tell him that if you ever get invited to the Palace, they make sure you are there well in advance of your actual meeting.)

“ Well, probably not,” he muttered. “ I’ve just got too much to do….but for something important like meeting the Queen….of course I would be on time.”

“So you don’t think your coach is important? The guy who’s there to help you figure all this stuff out. The guy who can teach you…..how to get your life back,” I replied.

Of course he didn’t mean to be rude; he was an Englishman after all!

I reckon if you’ve got this far with this email, you are possibly identifying with William. There are thousands of ‘Williams’ out there. Entrepreneurs frantically trying to nail jelly to the ceiling in the mistaken belief that they are in control.

You can’t really be in control until you get your time back. You do that by creating a default diary. By effective delegation. By getting a great team in place to support everything you do. And that means by digging out more profits in your business.

A good coach might tell you what to do. A great coach will ask the kind of questions which help you figure it out – so that the learning lasts. There’s a bit of William in nearly all of us. So it’s pretty human.

But if you’re discovering that your business is running you, rather than the other way around, it’s time to take stock and do something about it. The solution is within yourself. And chances are, you will need someone to help you release the knowledge you already have.

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